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  1. Call Mr. B’s Plumbing at 520-297-7587
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1,000+ customers

We’ve now served more than 1,000 satisfied clients, and we’re still counting. Norm Bernard (Mr. B) has built this company one customer at a time, based on honesty, affordable pricing, and top-quality workmanship. We’re ready to fix your plumbing problem, just call us!

Video Your Sewer?!?

We don’t want to demolish your floors or destroy your landscaping. So, we first diagnose your sewer problem by videoing your sewer to help us locate the problem. That can save you thousands of dollars!

The answer is simple – Because in an era of corporate franchises and “national” plumbers, Mr. B’s Plumbing Sewer & Drain is locally owned and operated, and very quick to respond to your call.

We’re one of Tucson’s leader in fast, friendly, affordable plumbing, sewer and drain services, and we’ve been proudly serving homes and businesses here for twenty years.

Our team has experience, skills and tools to resolve most plumbing issues.

Most importantly, we believe in good communications – We respond quickly, and we take the time to answer your questions and explain all the options for solving plumbing issues, so you can decide what’s best.

Hello, I’m Norman Bernard, the owner-operator of Mr. B’s Plumbing Sewer & Drain. I understand how frustrating it is to be without water or suffer from blocked sewers, so my goal is fix your plumbing with fast, unbeatable service at reasonable prices in Tucson.

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