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Tucson drain camera service

Mr. B’s Plumbing offers comprehensive drain camera service in Tucson and throughout southern Arizona. It helps us quickly locate problems in your drain or sewer, and it saves plenty of time and money.

Our drain camera not only helps us find the cause of your clogged drain, it lets us see the exact location and the degree of damage or blockage in your plumbing.

It’s a high-tech tool that makes our work much easier, and it makes our work much faster and easier.

Best of all, it lets us focus on the problem with pinpoint accuracy – There’s no need to dig up any pipes in order to diagnose hidden plumbing issues.

Simply cleaning out a blocked drain or backed up sewer doesn’t reveal the reason for the blockage. And, just removing an obstruction doesn’t ensure that the problem won’t arise again soon.

Drain camera and sewer camera equipment is also ideal for identifying and correcting problems before they become worse before minor issues become major blockages.

One picture is worth a thousand words

Our drain camera is helpful to our customers, too, because it lets them see the problem visually, so they can better understand its causes as well as the options for fixing it.

The drain cam can be used inside drains and sewers as small as two inches in diameter. And, it also offers zoom and recording features as well as a high-res monitor.

It gives us the power to diagnose plumbing issues without destroying costly flooring, breaking concrete slabs, or digging up the wrong sections of pipe.

Tucson’s drain cam pros

Mr. B’s Plumbing is Tucson’s leader in drain cam services. With our drain cam, we can quickly unclog drains and troubleshoot any kind of plumbing problem.

Do you have a clogged drain or backed up sewer? Just contact the pros here at Mr. B’s Plumbing. We respond 24-7-365, and we’ll make sure the job is done right the first time, all at an affordable price.

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