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Tucson sewer camera service

Mr. B’s Plumbing is Tucson’s leader in plumbing, especially sewer camera services. We use our sewer camera to quickly find and fix sewer backups and drainage problems on a daily basis.

It helps us quickly find and repair clogged drains, broken or blocked sewer pipes, and it also helps us correct a host of other plumbing issues.

Best of all, we can often detect problems early, before they cause major damage.

Our sewer camera is also important because it lets customers actually see the inside of their plumbing in real time.

So, instead of describing an issue to a customer, we can visually show them what’s deep inside their sewer line.

The sewer inspection camera can enter water lines or sewer lines as small as 2” in diameter. And, along with a high-resolution monitor the camera also features zoom and recording capabilities.

The sewer inspection camera saves time and money

The sewer cam saves time and money because we can quickly diagnose and pinpoint trouble spots in your sewer lines without any need to remove expensive flooring, break through concrete slabs, or unnecessarily dig up sections of pipe.

So, we can quickly fix your plumbing, and save your money.

A sewer inspection camera is a great tool

We rely on our drain camera and sewer inspection camera equipment every day in order to find and fix these issues –

  • Cracked or broken sewer lines
  • Leaking or damaged pipes and pipe joints
  • Sewer blockages
  • “Belly” or “sag” in drain lines, which causes solid wastes to build up, blocking the outflow
  • Tree roots that intrude into pipes
  • We offer Root X Treatments

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If you notice a foul odor, or see weeds or grass growing thickly from the ground above the location of a sewer line, there may be a sewer backup or leak.

In most cases, sewer backups happen because of a physical blockage inside the pipe. Sometimes this blockage results from tree roots or debris, and other times it results from a “sag” or “belly” in the sewer line, meaning a section of line without enough downward slope to drain properly.

Our sewer cam can detect any irregularity inside your plumbing, so we can directly address the issue without wasting valuable time and resources in digging up the entire line.

If your drain is blocked or your sewer is backed up, we can help. Just contact us and we’ll quickly fix the problem at an affordable price.

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