Sewer Inspection Camera

Sewer inspection camera service in Tucson

At Mr. B’s Plumbing we’re proud to be at the leading edge of plumbing technology, using our sewer inspection camera to solve drain problems.

We use our sewer inspection camera to inspect, troubleshoot and repair clogged drains as well as to help with routine drain cleaning. It lets us quickly locate blockages, damage or even potential problems before they arise.

It also helps our customers visualize the issues deep inside their plumbing. Nowadays, instead of simply telling a property owner about a drain problem, we can actually show him or her the condition of plumbing in real time.

The sewer inspection camera can view lines as small as two inches in diameter. And, it has zoom capabilities as well as a high-resolution monitor.

Our camera saves plenty of time and money because we can diagnose and often resolve issues without any need to break concrete slabs, remove costly flooring, or dig up unaffected sections of pipe in order to correct problems blindly.

The drain camera and sewer inspection camera let us fix plumbing problems right the first time, and do so at a lower cost.

The sewer camera is a powerful tool

We use our sewer camera and drain camera equipment on a daily basis to identify the following problems –

  • Sewer blockages
  • Cracked or collapsed sewer laterals
  • Drain lines with a “belly” or “sag” where solid wastes may build up and obstruct flow
  • Root intrusion into pipes
  • Leaking pipes and pipe joints
  • Deteriorating pipe materials

When to call Mr. B’s Plumbing

If you smell a foul odor, or if you notice grass or weeds growing especially thickly in a particular area of ground along the pathway of a sewer line, there is probably a sewer backup or leak.

Most sewer backups occur because of blockages inside the line. Sometimes the blockage is caused by tree roots or other foreign objects, and sometimes it’s caused by a “belly” or “sag” in which a section of sewer line doesn’t have enough downward slope to adequately drain its contents.

“Bellies” are difficult to detect without a sewer camera, because the lack of downward slope can be subtle. Still, if there’s insufficient slope, then the liquids in the line will drain but leave solids behind.

Over time, these solids can build up and cause a blockage so that not even liquids will pass through the line.

The value of our sewer camera is that it can detect even a subtle “belly” and tell us exactly where it’s located in your overall sewer system.

Drain cleaning and sewer camera service in Tucson

When you’re faced with a drainage problem or sewer blockage, we can help. Just call Mr. B’s Plumbing and we’ll quickly find the problem and discuss repairs.

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