Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilet in Tucson?

Toilets are designed to work well for many years, but occasionally a clogged toilet turns into a major plumbing issue.

At Mr. B’s Plumbing, we can help. After more than twenty years of fixing clogged toilets around Tucson, we’ve seen it all.

Using advanced technologies such as our sewer camera we can quickly locate the blockage, whether it’s in the toilet or in the pipes below.

We can unclog your toilet, or if you want a new toilet installation, we have the tools and experience to complete the job fast.

Best of all, we’re Tucson’s favorite plumber because we respond for any plumbing needs.

A clogged toilet is like a ticking time bomb

Toilet clogs and sewer blockages should be removed ASAP in order to avoid unsightly, foul-smelling sewer backups that may damage your floors and furnishings.

If a toilet is clogged, you should call Mr. B’s Plumbing. If you’re not able to easily remove the clog yourself, then the backup could quickly begin to affect other branches of the plumbing. We can keep clogged sewers from becoming worse.

We often remove the blockage by first plunging the toilet and then using a snake. We also rely on our sewer camera to visualize obstructions as well as the condition of your pipes, which saves valuable time and money.

Avoiding toilet clogs

Toilet clogs almost always result from either having excessive paper in the toilet bowl, or from foreign objects not meant to be disposed into your sewer lines.

Especially when there are children or visitors in the home or office, it’s important to remain aware about the volume of paper that your toilet can effectively remove with one or more flushes. As a matter of conservation, it’s better to use less paper.

It’s even more important to avoid disposing of paper towels, sanitary napkins and hygiene products by flushing them down the toilet. Also avoid disposing of any small foreign object in the toilet.

Such items usually include plastic or other constituents which don’t easily break down once they’re inside the plumbing system. They often clog sewers.

We’ll unclog your drain quickly and affordably

If your toilet or drain is blocked, just call Mr. B’s Plumbing. We’ll find and fix the problem quickly, and affordably.

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