Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposal repair in Tucson

A garbage disposal is very useful…. It allows for the easy removal of food waste, and it helps keep the kitchen cleaner.

Yet, occasionally something goes wrong. That’s when you need expert garbage disposal repair services from the Mr. B’s Plumbing.

Leaving uneaten food in a trash can or waste basket is not only unsightly and untidy, it also creates strong odors in the home or office. This practice may cause health issues over a period of time.

The garbage disposal is a lifesaver appliance. Although most units effectively grind discarded food into pieces small enough to drain easily through sewer pipes, still, many items cannot be safely run through the disposal.

Keep certain kinds of things out of the garbage disposal

To avoid or reduce the need for garbage disposal repairs, you should avoid –

  • Chicken bones, beef bones or pork bones
  • Eggshells
  • Popcorn kernels
  • Corn husks, banana peels, potato peels and similar stringy wastes (There’s a danger of tangling)
  • Plastic or metal utensils, food container parts or other non-food items

It’s always best to run the disposal regularly so that waste food won’t sit there long. You should also run water before, during and after each use.

If there’s an unpleasant odor coming from the disposal, you can keep it smelling clean and fresh by pouring some lemon juice into it occasionally.

Common problems requiring garbage disposal repair
Here are some of the most common issues that customers call us to resolve –

Unit won’t turn on. If the unit doesn’t work after the switch is flipped, it’s likely because of an electrical problem. First try the reset button (usually located beneath the sink).

Humming noise. If you turn your garbage disposal on but hear only a humming noise, you should immediately turn the unit off and call us. This sound usually indicates that the unit’s flywheel is jammed, which requires professional attention.

Loud noise. If the unit is making a loud noise, there may be several different causes. Call Mister B’s Plumbing for professional inspection of this problem to help you decide a solution for this problem.

Leaks. If you see a leak around or under the garbage disposal, it should be addressed quickly to avoid worse problems.

Backups. If water isn’t draining from your sink, or if your disposal drains too slowly, there’s probably a clog somewhere in your drain system.

Garbage disposal replacement or repair

Garbage disposals generally last between five to ten years. Still, the lifespan of any given unit can vary. Call Mr B’s Plumbing today.

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