Hot Water Tanks

Hot water tanks in Tucson

Few people think about hot water tanks until a problem arises. Yet, there are some easy ways to early identify and prevent potential problems in hot water tanks.

Here at Mr. B’s Plumbing we have twenty years of experience troubleshooting and fixing problems with hot water tanks in Tucson.

We can ensure your home or office has enough hot water, maintained at the correct temperature.

What are the most common problems with hot water tanks?

Here in the Tucson area, the most common problems that arise with hot water tanks involve failures of either the tank’s heating element or its thermostat.

In local areas where “hard water” is untreated, thick deposits of mineral scale often build up inside the tank, and also inside the pipes that move water to and from the tank.

These layers of mineral scale can cause blockages or strictures inside pipes and valves. Mineral deposits may also corrode parts of a hot water heater seriously enough to cause leaks.

Another problem that we frequently see is sediment build-up inside hot water heater tanks. Sediment affects both your water heater’s efficiency as well as its capacity.

How long does a hot water tank last?

The average lifespan of a hot water heater may vary greatly, depending on the local water quality and the type of water heater.

Here in Tucson, we see that an average water tank lasts between ten to fifteen years, or perhaps longer with good maintenance such as we provide.

In fact, regular maintenance is the best way to ensure the longest service as well as the best energy-efficiency and lowest utility bills.

When it’s time to replace a hot water heater

At the first sign of trouble, such leaking at the base of the water heater or when you notice that your water isn’t as hot as you would like, or when your hot water supply runs out too quickly, you should contact Mr. B’s Plumbing for a free assessment.

We can quickly troubleshoot the cause of the problem and recommend cost-effective options to fix or replace your water heater.

If your hot water tank isn’t working right, just contact Mr. B for a professional estimate and expert repairs.

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