Water Heater Replacement

Tucson hot water heater replacement

Hot water is something that many people take for granted, until they need a water heater replacement. Fortunately, here in Tucson there are a broad range of options available if you want a hot water heater replacement.

Mr. B’s Plumbing can help – We’re Tucson’s expert water heater replacement professionals. We can quickly troubleshoot and fix any kind of water heater or hot water tank.

When to replace your water heater?

All water heaters eventually need to be replaced. We’re often called in to replace or repair non-functioning heating elements and thermostats. And, we frequently replace water tanks.

Here in the Tucson area, water quality is the leading cause of problems with water heaters. That’s because homes and business throughout southern Arizona are usually supplied with very “hard” water, which contains large amounts of minerals.

Over a period of time, the minerals in tap water are deposited in the form of “scale” on the inside of your water pipes and hot water tank.

These deposits tend to restrict the flow of water as well as block the heating effect, so your water heater becomes less efficient and more expensive to operate.

Also, sediment and sand tend to build up on the inside of water tanks and pipes over time. This makes your water heater even less efficient.

Sometimes sediment can be removed, but usually it combines with mineral scale to make the overall problems worse.

Once the mineral scale and sediment builds up to a point where they block the pipes or corrode the tank, then it’s time for your hot water heater replacement.

How to solve hot water tank problems?

If your water isn’t as hot as it was in the past, or if the supply of hot water tends to run out before you’re finished using it, then you should have Mr. B’s Plumbing troubleshoot the problem.

We can quickly figure out what the issues are, and we can explain the available options, including repairs or a water heater replacement.

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